Motorcyclists' Prayer

O Lord; I thank you for the marvel of a motorcycle, alive and powerful at the touch of my hand and feel; a thing of tremendous possibilities, wonderful or terrible. Help me to achieve the skill that will control it completely and wisely like a tool shaping a better life for me and those around me. I thank you for the
promise of adventure that is mine each time I start; the thrill of open roads to places, strange sights, new neighboring. Make me aware, as I drive the streets of my town, signaling, stopping, waiting, turning and zooming ahead, that I do not have to deal merely with trucks, taxis, cars, bicycles or pedestrians, but with
people. People such as I know and touch as I walk the sidewalks and enter the homes of my neighborhood. People such as I am, making mistakes perhaps, but not really wanting to. Because I like people and know how important their happiness is, and how precious they are to you, let me be alert, courteous, patient,
considerate of the rights of others on the road gracious enough to give up some of the rights of my own and always careful, realizing that another loss would rob my gain, and the life I save is just as precious as my own. Amen

author unknown