Special Rides

The Pop Goins/Eugene Wyble 6th Annual Colors Ride

October 28, 2017

Eugene’s name has been permanently added to the Colors Ride. Thanks for all you did for our District!

Have we got a Colors Ride for you this year! 

The date is October 28, no LSU game. The destination is Batchelor, Louisiana. Why Batchelor?  Because McCrea, Louisiana, wouldn’t have us. Why McCrea in the first place? Because it was the location of the forgotten festival of Louisiana. It was a few years after Woodstock and Louisiana tried to have its own Woodstock. Called the “Celebration of Life”, it took place in June of 1971 in McCrea on the banks of the Atchafalaya River. Crowds of about 100,000 people showed up. Problem was places to stay weren’t plentiful, not much food and some key bands were a “no show”. There were drugs and nudity. People living in the area still talk about the goings on.

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I have secured a house in the Batchelor area with bathrooms, shade and large grounds to make for a fun time. Our District Director, Red Roussel, has agreed to cook a pastalaya and provide drinks. The District is paying for everything. Thanks Red! The house is owned by my nephew. You can call him “nephew”. Thanks nephew!

Some of you might want to drive over to McCrea before you get out of the area - just a short ride from nephew’s house. We might even have a special guest to attend our event who was at the festival and will give us a brief talk about the festival.

You need to bring a folding chair and some games (like horseshoes) to play.

South group (A, B, H, K, O and F) meet Mike at Love’s Travel Shop, 721 S. Lobdell Hwy (Hwy 415) Port Allen. There is plenty of gas and an Arby’s next to the Love station that serves breakfast.                       Start showing up at 9:00, safety meeting at 9:30 and depart at 10:00.

North group will meet Mickey at the Shell Y Not Stop, 8091 Hwy 71 South in Alexandria, LA.

Meet at 9:30 and depart at 10:00.

All Chapter Directors (both groups), please call Mike with a head count of who is coming from your Chapter by October 23.  225-964-3999.


Mike Jastram

Call me if you have any questions 225-964-3999