Special Rides


Pop Goins 6th Annual Colors Ride 2017

March 11, 2017


We got a new format for this yearís color ride.  We are going to have a picnic at Chicot State Park.  Chicot is located about 15 miles north of Villie Platte.  We have rented pavilion number two which only holds about 30-40 people.   There are 30 plus picnic tables in the same area that should provide plenty places for you to enjoy your picnic. 

Should be room for over 100 people.  You are responsible for bringing your own food.  Red said he would furnish drinks.  Each table has a small bbq pit next to it if you care to bbq.  


Park Admission

It cost two dollars a person for those under 62 and free if you are 62 and older.  Whether you get in free or have to pay, you are required to stop at the gate to get a parking pass.  If our plans go right, Mickey Searels will be standing by the gate as we enter the park and arrange for us to just drive through the gate as one or two large groups.  One group from the north and one from the south.

Meeting Place

I will be the leader for the riders from the south, Chapters A, O, K, F and maybe H.

Meeting place is Loveís Truck Stop in Port Allen.   Exit 151 Highway 415. This is the first exit after you cross the bridge heading west.  About Ĺ mile west of Mississippi Bridge. Loveís is on the south side of I-10.  Plenty gas pumps. If you are asking why Loveís, it is the only place in Port Allen with plenty of restrooms and plenty parking.  Meet at 8:45, safety talk at 9:15, and depart at 9:30.

Route for the south

We plan on riding 415 to 190 to Opelousas.

At Opelousas we will head north on I-49 taking a break at the first exit (Hwy 167 exit 23) which has a Chevron Truck stop. This is where Chapters B and maybe H and possibly J can meet us.  We should arrive about 10:30.   After a short break, it is west on Hwy 167 to Villie Platte and then to the park. Goal is to get there by 11:30.


Mickey Searels is working out the details.  Meeting town is Natchitoches.



Bring horse shoes or whatever and letís have some fun.

This is a picnic and you are responsible for bringing the food you plan on eating.

I had mentioned that if there was bad weather, we would hold the ride March 18, this is no longer the case.  We will try to reschedule in May.


Mike Jastram

Call me if you have any questions 225-964-3999