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Sending, Replying and Forwarding Emails

Now a days almost everybody is on the internet and uses email on a daily basis. Securing your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is a must. Protecting your email address from spammers is another thing you should be doing daily. Helping your friends with their PII and their email addresses is a very easy thing to do. This month we will give you some simple steps to help protect your family and friend’s email addresses.


Sending Emails

When sending emails to multiple people that may not know one other, use the BLIND COPY (BCC). This way, all of your recipients will not see each other’s email addresses. In the event that one of their email accounts gets hacked, no one else’s email addresses are viewable in that email. In the TO portion of the email, insert your email address and in the BCC, insert your friend’s email addresses. This way, you get a copy of the message that was sent out and nobody else sees the other addresses.


Replying To Emails

When replying to emails, never use the REPLY TO ALL option unless you have to. Sending an email to everybody may result in offending someone that you may not want to. Once an email is sent, it is FOREVER. This could open up a can of worms and start the email wars that may never stop. Also, when replying to an email, delete the information at the top in the body of the email. Info like the FROM, and the TO, and any email addresses listed. The person that sent it, knows who they are and all of email addresses take up space that is not necessary or needed.


Forwarding Emails

Last but not least, the forwarded email. This feature uses all of the above suggestions and can be the worst of them all. When forwarding an email, use ALL of the suggestion above. This way all of your friend’s email addresses are hidden, all of the extra junk is out of the body of the message and everyone gets the information clean and secure.


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