District University Coordinators


Joan & Robert Partigianoni


Hello Wingers

We have been on the road and enjoying meeting new and old friends.

After the LA-M “Mudbug Rally” earlier this month we travelled to Texas for the Texas District Rally.

What a great time in Brenham Texas.  Talked to Educators and Ride Coordinators about the new changes and exchanged ideas on how to move forward.  Some suggestions were to have a location and have a ride in for the education and maybe a picnic lunch and games. Getting the Chapters involved in what kind of classes they wanted be it Rider Ed or University. We are asking all the Chapters for input because it is about having combined events and fun.

This weekend we are traveling to Branson, Mo for their rally and looking forward to all the activities they have planned. It is always fun and educational to visit as many Rallies as you can because every District does something new and we can always get new ideas to make ours better.

Please let me or Jim Berry know what you need to keep up your levels and any classes that will help your members enjoy GWRRA.

Until next month, keep the shiny side up.

Joan and Robert Partigianoni

District University Coordinators