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The Motorist Awareness Program Gold Award is presented at GWRRA District Rallies by the District Motorist Awareness Program Officer or the Motorist Awareness Program Director.  This award recognizes members who have contributed to the safety of motorcycle riders in at least five of the following ways:


1.   1. Presentations to students of public or private schools or universities.

2.   2. Presentations to members of community organizations, both civic and religious.  (one event per organization counted per calendar      year)

3.   3. Presentation to Driving Schools.

4.   4. Presentation to AAA or AARP driver classes.

5.   5. Presentation or MAP exhibit at  Company Safety Days.(one event per company per year)

6.   6. Presentation or MAP exhibit at Community Safety Days.(one event per community per year)

7.   7. Presentation or MAP exhibit at the National Night Out.

8.   8. Presentation or MAP exhibit at a community festival or fair.



Below are Coloring Books, Flyers and Cutouts to be handed out at your next Motorist Awareness event.




MAP Downloads/2017_06a_Coloring-Book-4X.pdf

MAP Downloads/2017_06c_Coloring Book.pdf

MAP Downloads/2017_07_MAP_Lifesaver_pdf.pdf

MAP Downloads/Help Us Survive.pdf

MAP Downloads/Self Defense for Riders.pdf

MAP Downloads/Who Rides MC.pdf


For More files, contact Mickey & Mary below



Mickey and Mary Searels

LA-District Motorist Awareness Coordinator


337 370 8956