Jim & Reba Berry
District Educators

Take a Motorcycle Class

Whether you are thinking of taking a GWRRA Rider Ed class, an MSF class or any other training concerning riding your motorcycle, just take the class. Training beats ignorance every time. Even though you may be a rider with 30 years of riding or just getting the wind in your face it pays to take formal training and here is why.

When you go to a training such as an ARC or Trike class you get the benefit of an instructor who has plenty of experience in training folks. They will make you think about the mechanics of your machine and how you interact with it and how you should react to different situations on the road. You will review techniques on slow speed maneuvering and things called the friction zone!!! All this will take place in a controlled environment and the instructor/instructors are there to keep a close eye on you during every exercise. You will be able to practice these exercises till you are comfortable with executing them.

Classroom seminars in GWRRA cover a lot of different subjects related to riding, be it night riding, co rider duties, helmet myths and many others. All these trainings help you the rider and passenger be safer on the road and will help you make those good decisions when you are confronted with having to make them.

GWRRA Rider courses can offered at conventions or for your chapter as are chosen seminars. The seminars can be done at chapter meetings with the option to spread it out over a few meetings.

Please let your Rider Educators know what rider courses or seminars you may want to have presented!


Becky and Mike Stevenson

Louisiana Asst. District EducatorsRide Safe Ride Smart