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Hello Louisiana


My Wing Ding (2018) Was a Great Thing



Pam and I went to Wing Ding this year and had a really great time.  We left home on a Sunday afternoon with our chapter friends Bill and Beth Noonan.  Since the high temperature was expected, we only traveled 250 miles our first day. 


Monday it was on to Calhoun, Georgia, home of my brother and his family.  My nephew, Daniel, met us at the Georgia state line on his Harley and gave us a guided tour through Georgia country.  There was a little mix up on eastern vs central time, but we finally met up.  Daniel put us up for the night, while my brother and his wife showed up with plenty of BBQ.  Played pool and cut up.  Monday was a good day.


Tuesday our trip took us to Pigeon Forge by a route designed by nephew Daniel.  He knows all the best roads in this area.  We rode the giant ferris wheel in Pigeon Forge and I do mean giant.  Bill and Beth seemed to know all the fun places in Pigeon Forge.


Wednesday it was on to Knoxville, to the Wing Ding thing.  You care to guess how many u turns it takes to get out of Pigeon Forge.  Letís just say too many to remember.   Then there was that loop da loop to finally exit the area. 


Wednesday through Saturday was spent hanging around the wing ding thing.  People, bikes, trikes,

vendors, a hypnotist show, a nice parade,  the giving away of a Goldwing, and a lot of good food. 


Sunday-Wednesday we spent in the Kingsport, Tennessee area.  Three great rides and a tour of the Bristol Motor Speedway were part of our adventure.  All three rides were for about 200 miles each.   The first ride took us on a road called the snake.  Three mountains, 489 curves, and it even had a restaurant to enjoy some good country cooking.   Another ride took us to the Cumberland Gap with curves most of the way.  On the third ride we went deep into Virginia and at times we were riding among the clouds.   Bristol Speedway is such a story.  We even rode in a van on the actual track.  Butch and Brenda are two local GW members who took us by the hand and showed us around the area for the entire 4 days.   We had about 16 in our group for our trip to Kingsport.


Thursday-Sunday it was back to Georgia, my brotherís house for some quality family time.  Letís just say family time.  It was only Pam and me at this stop.


Sunday morning we were heading back home.  A 2500 mile 15 day trip.  Now that is how you enjoy a WING DING. 



Next year Wing Ding is in Nashville Tennessee.  I already have an idea for the trip. I plan on traveling to Wing Ding from the Saturday before to the Sunday after wing ding.  An 8 day trip, but not staying in Nashville the whole time.  There will be rides the Sunday-Tuesday before the wing ding that will not require you to stay in Nashville, but allow you to enjoy the roads and country side in the area.  Wing ding dates are August 27-August 31, 2019.  My trip is from August 24 to September 1, 2019.




My trip will be called ďWing Dinging with MikeĒ


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