District Directors

Fritz & Johnette Beter      -      Mike & Pam Jastram

Hello Louisiana


Fritz and I joined GWRRA Chapter K in January of 2005.

After enduring two years of “coaxing” from our high school classmate Cyndi and her husband Sidney Garaudy to purchase a motorcycle and join them in the adventure of motorcycle riding. They helped us locate one for sale by a former member of Chapter H. We went to “look” at the bike to see if it might be a fit for us – after 10 minutes we KNEW we had a new member of our family. A baby blue 1990 Goldwing 1500. We were like two kids on Christmas morning. About a week went by and we received a call from Sidney saying he was on his way over to our house to take Fritz for a spin on our new acquisition. That “spin” wound up being about three hours long and the rest is history. We went on every ride we could. Met people we never thought we would meet. There is not a day that goes by that we regretted making this decision to join a group of awesome people. We have made so many friendships along this journey. We never look back.

Fast forward to 2018. We now have a 2012 pearl white Goldwing. I don’t get to ride like I once did but that has not stopped enjoying the fellowship GW has to offer.

We held the position of Chapter Directors from 2009-2012 and became Senior Chapter Directors. We are also the Chapter Newsletter Editors and Webmasters. We landed a position on the Louisiana District Team in 2010 as Webmasters. In 2016 we accepted the position on the Louisiana District Team as MECs. We were selected along with Mike & Pam Jastram as your new District Directors right before the Louisiana Rally.  We are having the time of our lives.

We urge ALL of you to get out there and do as much as you can to be as active as you can in your Chapters. GWRRA members are great bunch of people. We thank Cyndi and

Sidney from the bottom of my heart for introducing us to this awesome group of people!!!!

We look forward to serving all of our Louisiana extended

family. Our door is always open. We are just a phone call or email away.


Fritz & Johnette Beter






Hello Louisiana


Our story is similar to Fritz & Johnette, Pam and I decided to buy a motorcycle in 2004.  We had taken a trip to Key West and rented a scooter, after returning home Pam mentioned how much fun it was riding that scooter and maybe we should look into getting a motorcycle.  Well, never having owned any motorcycle I got to looking and talking to people who owned motorcycles, we decided on a Goldwing.  A decision that we have never looked back on.   We found out about GWRRA and actually joined before; we took delivery of our wing an even better decision.  After 14 years, 180,000 miles, 38 states, Canada twice, a second wing that is now a trike.  I thought it was the smart thing to do when I turned 65.  We are still having fun and can’t wait to see the rest of the states that we have not ridden in.  We have held numerous positions as educators, directors, treasurer and couple of the year.  We are looking forward to serving you as District Directors along with Fritz and Johnette, the four of us only want what is best for Louisiana. 



Mike & Pam Jastram