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Hello Louisiana


Suggestions for Riding with other Chapters

Below are some guidelines for including other Chapters in your Chapter ride or activity.

Letís admit it, our Chapters are smaller in numbers and our members are not always available to ride

when there is a scheduled ride.  Why not invite other chapters to your rides.


The Chapter putting on the ride (Host Chapter)

First I would have a separate email list for all Chapter Directors and Chapter Ride Coordinators.  This makes it easy to let other Chapters know about your ride when you want to include others.  If they do the same, you not only know about their rides, but they might just give you some ideas for your futures rides.

You might say in your email, all Chapters are welcome. List your starting point and starting time, destination, and

early resting locations should be included.  This way a nearby Chapter may just join you on the ride as you travel down the road.

When you invite other Chapters, it does involve a little more coordinating on the ride leaders part.

PLEASE send your Chapter rides to the District Webmaster webmaster@gwrra-la.org to be placed on the District Event Calendar.

The Chapter joining on the ride (Guest Chapter (s)

Let the host Chapter know your Chapter may be joining them at least 3 days before the ride and again the day before the ride with number of bikes and people. They need to know if the restaurant can handle the additional riders.

Be on time where you are to meet the host Chapter and let the host Chapter decide what is going on.

Sometimes our members get a little forgetful when riding.  Riding like a Gold Winger means, keeping bikes tight as safely possible, so that if our riding groups get bigger we can keep our group together.  This doesnít mean riding in one large group, but numerous small groups traveling in the same direction.


These are only suggestions.  So letís ride and have fun.


Until next month, ride safe and stay hydrated in this heat.

Fritz & Johnette Beter / Mike & Pam Jastram

Louisiana District Directors