Senior District Directors

Red & Brenda Roussel

Hello Wingers


 Well June with all of its rain is gone; we are hoping July is drier, so we can ride. We have many members who had recent health problems  please keep all of them in your prayers.

 Talking with some Louisiana members who attended the Kansas Rally, said they had a good time. Their bike show was different than most, they had the dirtiest bike, the pretties butt and more categories, sounds like something to look into. Brenda and I were unable to attend; Brenda has a new knee and is doing well, thanks for all the prayers. Weíre hoping to attend the Arkansas Rally in July, in the car of course.

Many Chapters are planning rides, training classes and visits to other Chapters; this brings the District closer and makes us stronger. The District has 8 new ITCP Certified Trainers, take advantage of them and planned training at your Chapter Fun Days.

Coming up soon is the Arkansas Rally really good roads to ride and Wing Ding. If you are going to attend you need to make your plans now, I hear itís going to be crowded.

Remember to mark your calendar for October 28th , this is the date of the Color Ride; itís always a great ride.

Until next time have fun, attend training and ride safe.


 Red and Brenda Roussel

La. Senior District Directors