Senior District Directors

Red & Brenda Roussel

Hello Wingers



Well, most you have heard that National will be doing away with the Region level of GWRRA. I donít have all the answers and reasons why, but as I get them Iíll pass them on to you. Many members have been on Social Media about what is happening. You are jumping the gun, because a lot of things have not been finalized. Please, wait to see what the final outcome will be before stating your thoughts.

If you are planning to go to Wing Ding, Iím sure your plans are complete, if not you need to get on board to make this great gathering.

Most of the District team made the Arkansas Rally and had a great time. The rides and hotel were said to be perfect for attending a Rally. Brenda is coming along well and soon we will be back in action.  

Upcoming events are as follow, Chapter H Dinner Ride on Aug. 19, 2017, the Color Ride on October 28, 2017 and Regions Fall ride. You need to make plans for these Rides and enjoy all of them.  Many Chapters are making evening rides to beat the heat, boy I can understand why, itís HOT.

The District is trying to put on an Individual Training and Certification Program Class in the state. We have received seven names for the class. We will close the request on Aug. 10, 2017 and move on with planning this class. If you are interested please notify me by phone or e-mail.

 As things unveil with GWRRA, Iíll be in contact with your Director to pass this information to the membership, until then sit tight until things are sorted out.

 I would like to welcome Kathy Wyble as the new Chapter Director for Chapter B and thank Keith and Debbie Barnes for the great job they have done for GWRRA.

Until next time have fun, attend training and ride safe.


 Red and Brenda Roussel

La. Senior District Directors