Senior District Directors

Red & Brenda Roussel

Hello Wingers


Man, as I write this article, winter has creped in on us. We had the 6th annual Color Ride on October 28, 2017, the turnout was great. We had 38 bikes and 58 members and guest attend. Mike Jastram and Mickey Searles did a great job with the route and the food was great. We need to thank Mikeís cousin Ben for the use of his farm. This place was perfect, out in the country with plenty of trees and great weather.

As the year comes to an end, again I ask if you are stepping down to let us know. We need to do paperwork on incoming officers. The paperwork needs to be completed to send to National. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 504-512-1212. It is important we have this completed by January 1st. We still waiting for some final guides on where we are heading as an organization. As information comes out Iíll forward it to the Chapters.

With the Holidays close, we want to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday season. Many of us will be traveling to visit love ones and as always be safe when doing so.

The OCP class has not yet been complete as of now; hopefully shortly after the first of the year it will be completed. I have received an email from Jack Wagner on what classes future Officers can take to help them on their road to be a team member. We will forward this to all Directors as soon as this article is completed.


Until next time have fun, attend training and ride safe.

 Red and Brenda Roussel

La. Senior District Directors