Joan & Robert Partigianoni

2018-2019 LA District Couple     


Since becoming your District Couple as promised we are making our rounds to other Districts and have travelled to several Chapters.  Hopefully we will accomplish visiting all the Chapters in our District by September. Here is a synopsis of where we have been and who we have met.

Texas District Rally in Brenhan, TX May 17-19, 2018. We had a great time with that Texas Hospitality and met with many dear friends. Jim and Alvalin Woodul, and their District Team, really put on a great Rally. We were ticket sellers and we came back weighing about 10 lbs more because of all the great food served at the opening dinner and Level 4 dinner and the Blue Bell ice cream served for dessert.


Missouri District Rally in Branson, MO May 31st – June 2nd. We got to stay right next to the Host Hotel, walking distant, and found that Missouri folk like to have lots of fun at their Rally. This was the first time that we have had the opportunity to attend this Rally and it was stuffed with fun things to do. We even took our first Duck Boat Tour on Table Top Lake. This was spent with 3 boats for just GWRRA folks so that made it really lot of fun.  While there we were able to go to the Presley Family Show, which is a must for Branson. The rest of the time was spent Judging as a District Couple from another District and selling tickets. We want to thank Ken and Jan Schanbacher who made sure everyone was having fun. The light show and parade really was impressive.


Chapter Gathering at Chapter F in Slidell, LA July 17th. The Chapter Directors Andre and Cindy Pentney and the entire Chapter have lots of fun and laughter in their Gathering. They let us say a few words about the Chapter Couple Program and Joan brought up the new DUC District University Coordinator position and how it will help the Chapters in the Louisiana District.  This was our first time to attend a function in Chapter F. We are so glad that we got to go.


Chapter Gathering at Chapter A in Baton Rouge, LA July 23rd. The Chapter Directors Mike and Pam Jastram which are also ½ of the District Directors as we have 4 of them in Louisiana really stepped up to make our trip to their Gathering fun.  I don’t know if you know how funny Mike is and how personable these two really are.  Those of you that have never been to the Chapter A Gathering should make a trip there to see how to have fun. We were asked to say a few words and I pulled out my speech of how important the Chapter Couple Program really is. Joan said a few words on being the DUC and how we can get all the training we will need.  Louisiana District is blessed with trainers and instructors who can help the participants stay current in their Levels Program.


Chapter Gathering at Chapter H in Houma, LA July 25th. The Chapter Directors are John and Carol Cambre.  This is the first time we have attended a Chapter Gathering in Chapter H.  We have participated in three Progressive Dinner Rides in the past. Their Chapter participants share lots of information while still maintaining that fun factor. They have two past District Directors in that Chapter, Merlin and Beverly Mayon and Red and Brenda Roussel. Red is now known as Ordinary Red and all four have stepped up for their Chapters.  Their former positions in the District bring information and insight to their Chapter and GWRRA.  We were given the opportunity to say a few words and we talked about the Chapter Couple program.


Joan and I are having lots of fun representing this District as your Couple and learning a lot about the great Louisiana District and its Chapters.


Robert and Joan Partigianoni


Louisiana District Couple 2018-2019