Joan & Robert Partigianoni

2018-2019 LA District Couple     

Hello all


It has been awhile since we gave an update to our travels. Here is a synopsis of where we have been and who we have met.

Since our last article we have now attended more Chapters and also made it to Wing Ding where we represented the Louisiana District as part of the District Team. It was great to see so many familiar faces from the District.

On August 6th we travelled to Chapter K in Metairie, LA. The Chapter Directors Tony Cefalo and Debbie Sutton were very gracious in letting us explain the Couple of the Year Program and Joan was able to address the Chapter as the District University Coordinator (DUC).  We also got to meet with Mike and Becky Stevenson their Chapter Couple. I had heard for several years that if you want to attend a fun and exciting Chapter Gathering, you have to go to Chapter K.  I can see now why they have that reputation.

The following day, August 7th, we went to Chapter B in Lafayette, LA. We met with Melissa and Glenn Richard. We again got to give a short talk on the Chapter Couple Program and Joan again talked more about the DUC and what that means to each Chapter. Jim Berry the District Educator was also in attendance. We had a great time at this Gathering.

We got a small break for a few days until August 14th when we attended the Chapter E Gathering, Alexandria, LA. Some of the Chapter M group came also. We met with Gil and Bev Harding the Chapter Directors. They let us say a few words about the Couple of the Year Program and we to meet the Chapter Couple Stephen and Sheila Gordy. I was given an opportunity to say a few words about their Chapter Couple and the program at the District Level, and Joan spoke about the DUC and how she and Jim Berry and Reba, the District Educators who were also in attendance, will be able to help them get the training needed to keep up their Levels Program.

We got another short break and on 21 August we were sitting in the Chapter J Gathering in Lake Charles, LA.  A group from Chapter M came along. We got to meet with the Chapter Directors Tommy and Aleta Benoit and they let us again talk on the Couple of the Year Program and Joan spoke as the DUC to let them know how the DUC and Jim Berry can help them with their training needs and the Level Program.  I got to have a nice talk with Richard and Sue Stahl their Chapter Couple about the District COY Program and it looks like they are game to participate.

As your District Couple we made it to Wing Ding 40, held in Knoxville, TN. This was from 28 August to 01 September. We arrived on Monday afternoon prior to the start.  During the WD Rally we help with recruiting booth and sold tickets for the daily 50/50 drawings and the Grand Price Tickets. We met several District Couples during the week and helped with the production of the International Couple of the Year Ceremonies.  Joan was asked to be the timekeeper and I was asked to be the Verifier of the Judges Ballot prior to being tabulated. As 1/2 of the Louisiana District Couple I was asked to carry the Louisiana State Flag in the opening Ceremony. During the Wing Ding we were asked to do a Module and we also did a Ham Radio SIG forum. As you can see your District Couple managed to stay busy.

Lest we forget to mention that we also attended the Chapter M Gathering in DeRidder, LA. Yes this is our Chapter but they need to be mentioned. Mickey and Mary Searles are the Chapter Directors and they have done an excellent job trying to strengthen the Chapter. Mickey and Mary have supported our efforts in doing the job of District Couple as they both have held that position previously.  We have met with Warren and Judy Alderson the Chapter Couple. They have plans to participate in the District Couple Ceremonies. Mickey has given us time during the Gatherings to mention our travels and to talk about the Couple of the Year program. Joan has been able to talk on being the DUC and how we can help provide training needed and to help individual couples maintain their levels program.

Chapter O in Franklinton, LA, was our next Chapter that we visited on September 7th. We met with the Chapter Directors Wendell and Marie Vince. We were able to meet the Chapter Couple Rudy and Paula Winstead and have a nice talk with them prior to the Gathering starting. Mike and Becky Stevenson, the Chapter K Couple and also being the Assistant District Educators also showed up. As the Gathering was in progress, Wendell ask us to say a few words. We talked about the District Couple upcoming changes and how the program works and Joan talked on the DUC position and how that with the District Educators would allow for training to be conducted District wide and down to the Chapter level.  Mike and Becky brought a game to the Gathering and everyone got some great laughs out of the entire Gathering. Thank you Chapter O for making us feel welcome.

We went back out of the District to Jonesboro, Arkansas on 29th of September. We chose this Chapter Rally because due to unseen events, Arkansas did not have a District Rally this year.  It seemed because of the Tennessee District Rally this year was moved to the Louisiana District Rally date that everyone decided to go to Tennessee District Rally instead of the Louisiana District Rally. Infact not one couple from Arkansas came to our District Rally.  So, with that in mind we did some research and found that Chapter D in Arkansas has a big Rally and get someone from each of the Chapters within the District at their Rally.  We received a warm welcome from the Chapter D-ARK Chapter Directors, Keith and Mary Jo Cooper. This Rally is held in a State Park and is right on a beautiful Lake Fierson. The weather was absolutely beautiful so the outdoor games were well attended. After meeting with Keith and Mary Jo, we were told that there was a dignitary from GWRRA that will be showing up. As I looked across the parking lot, I noticed Jere and Sherry Goodman, one of the Presidential Assistance for GWRRA. Shortly later, the new Arkansas District Director Sam Lister, came up and introduced himself. We got to hear from him again when he got his chance to talk about his District and his team and what was going on to make a bigger and better district. We sat at lunch right across from the Arkansas District Couple of the Year. Their names are Tim and Bonnie Nagy. They are a lovely couple and we enjoyed our talk with them. During the Rally we were asked to say a few words. We thanked Keith and Mary Jo for their excellent welcome and we mentioned that not one couple actually came to the Louisiana District Rally and that we realized that they went to Tennessee instead. We told them that we really missed them and we want them back.  They all seemed to believe that next year they will return in great numbers. We will love to see them back. During our time there we were able to talk to almost every attendee. Joan gave away a free Registration for the Louisiana District Rally and it was won by a Chapter D-ARK participant. They said they will bring several couples with them.

On October 1st Joan and I went to Chapter C and we arrived about 1 hour early and met with the Chapter Director Buster Hendrikson. He has been the CD for the better part of 8 years. They have a Chapter Couple Joe and Dinara Jisa, but they weren’t at the Gathering. We were asked to give a briefing of Wing Ding 40, and then later we were given the floor again to talk about the District Couple program and Joan was able to say a few words about training and the District Educator and the DUC and how they are helping with the participants in all Chapter to keep up with the levels program and to get any training they are interested in to any Chapter.  We found there was lots of stories and laughter during this Gathering. Thank you, Buster for a great visit.

Our last Chapter that we visited was Chapter D in Monroe, LA. We got there early and met with the Chapter Directors Jim and Carol Rogers. They were last years District Couple for Louisiana. We also got to visit with Jean and Eddie Peavy which is the Chapter Couple. We were able to speak to the group and we brought up the fact that we are trying to encourage all Chapters Couples to try for the District Couple.  Joan as the District COY Coordinator told them we are here to help them with the process. Joan talked on the benefit of having their District Educators the Jim and Reba Berry and how he has worked very hard with our DUC to bring events to the District.

Joan and I would like to thank each Chapter for making us feel welcome in your Chapter Gatherings.  We would also like to thank the District Team for the awesome support we have received as the Louisiana District Couple. We have tried to represent this District all over the State as well as other Districts we have visited.


Robert and Joan Partigianoni


Louisiana District Couple 2018-2019