Couple of the Year Coordinators

Merlin & Beverly Mayon


Hello Chapter Couples & All Louisiana Members


As I write this article Christmas is now history and I hope that we have not forgotten anyone on our Christmas list.

Now to all the good boys & girls in GWRRA we hope Santa was kind to you and you got what you were hoping for.

To the couples participating in the Couples selection your resumes are due January 14th at the business meeting. You will need to have one hard copy fully completed and signed. We will not be at the business meeting because we will be still on vacation so we are asking you to turn the resumes into Red & Brenda. Remember once they are turned in to us they cannot be changed, so make sure that you or someone else proof reads them. 

To the couples that are planning on competing in March for the District Couple’s position we wish you all good luck.

Remember you can only use your involvement in GWRRA for the last 5 years.  So the only things that are after January 14, 2012 can be on your resume.

Again good luck to all the Couples.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for any assistance you may need. 

To all Couples & Members, Beverly and I would like to wish you a  


If you have any questions feel free to call or email us any time.

Merlin & Beverly Mayon

Louisiana Couple of the Year Coordinators

Merlin Cell     985-519-1524

Beverly Cell    985-519-1523