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Mike & Becky Stevenson



Did you know you can look up your own Rider Ed Database information? It is easy to do, it just takes a few minutes and it ensures your information is correct. Next time you are surfing the net take a few minutes to bring up the main page, look for the officers tab mouse click it then the Rider Education tab. On the left side of the page that comes up there will be a series of choices, one of them is My R. E. Information. Click on the “I need Help” button. Follow the instructions to be able to see your rider information. You can see things like your last rider course date and expiration, cpr/1st aid information and expiration. Rider Ed seminars taken and when. Your user name is your GWRRA member number, your password is the first two numbers of your mailing address and your membership expiration date. If you are not in the Levels program get with your chapter director, ride coordinator, district educator or me. You can even talk to one of the Level 3 or 4 riders in your chapter about the program!

Did you know that our Louisiana District has three MFA instructors? Well, we do and we all are available to come your chapter for teaching an MFA class. Just contact me and let me know your chapter needs a class. I will contact our District Educator so he can look to see if other members form other chapters that may need the class also. Then we will schedule a time when the instructor is available to travel. We will also work out the payment options too. Think of it this way, wouldn’t you want your riding brothers and sisters knowing first aid and cpr for that just in case time? As a wise woman says; It’s not levels it’s for life!!!

A wonderful thing about living in the southern part of the US is being able to ride all year. Something we need to think about is we also create wear and tear on our motorcycles all year. That means changing out parts that wear, parts that need lubrication or cleaning. Parts that need adjustments or replacing in a timely fashion. I read a lot of questions from riders on Facebook, the GL 1800 Riders forum and others on when your motorcycle oil should be changed. There are plenty of different answers given out there too! The best answer in my eyes is when the owner manual suggests it. You can’t go wrong there!! Use OEM brakes, they work great and may cost a tad more but you will know you are getting a quality product. This is my opinion only but there is one more important part on a motorcycle.

No, not tires or LED lights.

It is the part between the handlebars and seat!!!


Ride Safe, Ride Smart



Mike & Becky Stevenson

Assistant District Educators