Tim & Becky Dinnel

Assistant District Directors     

Hello Louisiana!                              April 2016


I was thinking about what I was going to write about for my article this month. I kept thinking about how so many of us are now using Facebook to stay in touch with not only our families and friends, but also our GWRRA Members. I searched GWRRA on my Facebook page and was amazed at all the GWRRA posting going on. There are tons of pictures, videos, groups, events and member postings that can keep you occupied for hours. What a great way to share GWRRA with the world....or is it? I think it is, but we all just need to be aware of what we are posting and who will be able to see it. With that said, I would like to share this article found in the February 2016 Insight Newsletter, written by Ray and Sandy Garris, Directors of GWRRA. It is very enlightening!  

Social Media, Your best friend or worst enemy?
WOW! What a great way to stay in touch with your friends and Chapter Members or any group. It can help you with so many communication challenges in GWRRA. You can even set up your own Facebook Page for your Chapter/District/Region. What a great tool for effective communications with our Members! This type of instant communication used to be something we would dream about.

Wake up folks!!! This dream can easily turn into a nightmare if we are not careful when using it. Don’t forget, “whatever you say may be held against you!” It lasts forever, you can’t take it back and the opportunity for your printed words, without facial expression, voice inflections or body language can easily be mis-interpreted or mis-understood. Instead of someone laughing at the remark you stated in writing, the opposite happened. Now, their feelings are hurt and/or they are mad at you.

This very rapid and far reaching form of communication can also broadcast whatever you wrote about when you offered your opinion about a particular Insight presidential candidate or anything political in nature. The same goes for any other subject that will affect someone’s opinion, including religion. It is almost impossible not to offend someone who reads that post from you.

At this point, I have a sincere concern. Whenever you post a disparaging remark about anyone on your Facebook page YOUR name always precedes it – in BOLD type. Lots of the readers of that post know YOU! How does the individual reader differentiate this “personal opinion” you have just voiced as representing only your opinion and not the Chapter, District or Region that you represent in GWRRA. Worse, does the reader think that opinion represents who or what we stand for in GWRRA?

WOW! Instead of “making a friend” on Facebook we may have just lost one or more friends. How many times have we found out that the basis of a misunderstanding amongst members of a Chapter turned out to be something that someone posted on Facebook or other “Social Media?”

As Leaders in GWRRA please help all of our Members understand that Facebook can help make our experience in GWRRA even better when we can share all of the great rides and adventures that our 2, 3 or 4 wheels bring us plus the great pictures and memories that go along with them. This is all possible if we are careful of the letters that our fingers touch on our keyboards as we enter the World-Wide Web!
(Contributed by: Ray and Sandy Garris, February 2016 Insight Newsletter Article)


Be safe everyone and let's GROW Louisiana!!!
Tim and Becky Dinnel
La. District Chapter of the Year Coordinators
La. Asst. District Director/District MEC
2013-2014 Region H Couple of the Year